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Welcome to Gold Hill!

Gold Hill is a pioneer in dynamic, object oriented software tools and applications. Gold Hill products make it straightforward to create from simple to the most advanced mission critical intelligent applications. Extensive features, including dynamic programming and data communications functionality, enable users to slash development time and implement functional prototypes quickly. And Gold Hill software systems come with extensive training information, examples, and documentation that speeds your learning and applications implementation to help you enhance your personal knowledge base. GoldWorks was the first object oriented expert system environment developed for the PC platform. A cumulative world-wide customer base of 20,000+ commercial, government and academic users and 5,000+ mission critical applications fielded with its software reflect Gold Hill's extensive experience.

Gold Hill Co. 36 Arlington Road, Chestnut Hill, MA 02167, Tel: (617) 621 3300, Fax: (617) 621 0656, E-mail: info@goldhill-inc.com 


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