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Only a Few Samples of Thousands of Actual Applications

1. A Major US Petroleum Company uses GoldWorks to create an expert system that schedules and maintains the resources that match their crude oil supplies and sources with transport mechanisms including vehicles, ships and pipelines--allocating appropriate supplies to appropriate refineries--a complex problem.

2. A Large Medical Instrumentation Company uses an expert system application developed with GCLISP Developer to optimize experimental procedures in biomedicine and biotechnology. The result is increased lab efficiency and more complete and accurate information about procedures.

3. An US Army Engineering Organization uses GoldWorks to create an agent-based knowledge representation design environment to deliver and support facilities, with capability of modeling facilities, communicating with graphics systems, and of linking human computer users and their software programs across heterogeneous networks

4. A Major US Teaching Hospital uses GoldWorks to create diagnostics and scheduling systems used in various aspects of managing and delivering the organization's medical activities and services.

5. A Large US Manufacturing Company uses GoldWorks to accurately estimate reserves for workers compensation claims and meet various state reporting requirements.

6. A US Government Agency uses GoldWorks to model the concept of a landscape, its components, processes and interactions--which are then used to design management actions to achieve desired conditions in forest landscapes.

7. A Developer of Knowledge Based Production Management Systems used GoldWorks and GCLISP Developer to develop a scheduling and planning system that addresses process industry-specific problems such as strategic planning for a group of, rather than individual, factories or equipment, provides capacity plans for single factories, and weekly or monthly scheduling and production, with interfaces to other systems such as stock management, stock control and MRP.

8. A Major Financial Firm uses GCLISP Developer to prototype financial expert systems applications that monitor various categories of securities and assists in the process of asset allocation.

9. An International Consulting Company uses GoldWorks to develop an expert system that supports retail stock-brokers and their office managers. The system efficiently reviews accounts that the broker is handling and makes individual recommendations regarding investments that are both promising and suitable for each customer in the broker's book.

10. A Large Manufacturing Company uses GCLISP Developer to build a knowledge based system for Customer Order Engineering for relay protection systems, containing most of the expertise necessary to perform the COE function. The system converts electrical drawings of a standard product into wiring diagrams of customer specific product versions.

11. A Major Applications Company used GoldWorks to develop a commercial workstation product which uses expert system technology to provide an easy-to-use health claims rule based adjudication workstation that operates on a local network.

12. A Large Consulting Company used GoldWorks to build an expert system application to assist platform officers and customer account representatives in a large multinational banking organization. It provides a bank's branch personnel with a platform workstation which combines traditional data base inquiry with expert intelligence to assist in the management of a customer's relationship with the bank.

13. A Technology Company used GoldWorks to build a real-time intelligent system that optimizes manufacturing procedures to reduce product variability and other inefficiencies. The raw materials processing industry is automated using control systems which implement some form of proportional, integral or derivative feedback loops. Setting the optimal coefficients for these systems is difficult. The expert system can identify that there is a need to tune, choose the optimal tuning strategy, and then automatically implement the new tuning coefficients without interference.

14. A Large Technology Manufacturing Company used GCLISP to develop an integrated system which permits control of high level tasks in a robotics environment through voice input in the form of natural language syntax. Voice commands can be used to tell the robot to execute a variety of task primitives and to adjust cameras that are looking at the workspace.

15. A Major US Government Agency used GoldWorks to produce an expert system to implement a set of rules for geological engineering map production that can handle a variety of input data sources and output classification schemes.

16. A Leading Document Management Systems Company used GCLISP Developer to develop a suite of application products for integrated document management and information processing on distributed networks and workstations. The system is capable of capturing, storing, managing, reviewing, revising, and printing any size (A-F), format, or configure documents and integrate text, graphics and images.

17. A Major Research Organization uses GCLISP Developer to develop an expert system designed to identify spilled hazardous material substances when a spill crisis occurs; the system suggests immediate steps to take to avoid a potential disaster.

18. A US Government Agency used GCLISP Developer to develop an expert system that analyses weather patterns and crop data, and after reviewing all relevant information, advises farmers about irrigation, fertilization, and the optimal time to harvest to maximize crop yields.


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