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Gold Hill Corporate Overview

Gold Hill is a leading supplier of 5th Generation Dynamic Object Oriented Programming and Development Tools for the development and delivery of advanced applications and Expert Systems. Gold Hill offers a full range of products and services - including technical support services and consulting services - to assist customers in the development and delivery of advanced applications on desktop computers.

Gold Hill has an installed base of over 20,000 customers worldwide, with over 5,000 successfully deployed applications in the field. Gold Hill products are being used to solve problems and increase profits in all segments of the marketplace, including aerospace, financial services, manufacturing, education, government, communications, medicine and engineering, Internet and many others. Customers include companies such as Arthur D. Little, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Data General, NASA, Boeing, Chemical Bank, Honeywell/Bull, Lamb Cargate, Ashland Oil, the U.S. Army, Borland, Microsoft, and more.

Gold Hill was founded in 1984 to bring PC-based AI and Business Rules technology into mainstream corporate computing. Since that time, Gold Hill has played a key role in bringing advanced applications technology to the commercial marketplace. For over a decade Gold Hill has been a leader in the commercialization of object oriented compiler and expert systems tools. At a time when people were developing on $1 million dedicated hardware machines, we provided a complete object oriented development environment for the desktop PC. In 1984 we developed GCLISP, the first commercial object oriented compiler for the PC. We were the first commercial LISP for Microsoft Windows, the first with Dynamic Data Exchange and the first with a Foreign Function Interface.

Gold Hill products include: Golden Common LISP, the only training software that offers a comprehensive introduction to ANSI standard Common LISP and an extensive 1000 screen, 60 lesson tutorial in AI expert systems development, natural language interface, pattern matcher and other valuable AI programming techniques; Golden Common LISP Developer, the most powerful and extendible Dynamic Object Oriented development system available for prototyping, developing, and delivering advanced PC-based applications; GoldWorks III, a high-productivity Expert System development environment; Golden Connection/SQL, Microsoft ODBC based SQL interface; and Gold Hill Runtime tools.

Gold Hill's team is committed to providing advanced tools, quality services and experienced advice as we work to assist our customer partners in developing high quality, cost effective solutions to today's complex software and distributed systems development problems.


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