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Learn the Language of Artificial Intelligence... on your PC.

Golden Common LISP (GCLISP) is the only training and development software that offers a comprehensive introduction to ANSI-standard Common LISP and AI programming techniques. The system is designed to get you started in AI programming quickly and easily. More than 1000 colleges and universities worldwide are currently using GCLISP to teach LISP, and many commercial organizations around the world have used it to develop in-house AI expertise.

Why Golden Common LISP is the best way to start learning and using the power of Artificial Intelligence:

LISP is the most widely used AI programming language.
LISP is a powerful programming environment that allows programmers to manipulate symbols as well as numbers. It is ideally suited for developing intelligent business programs such as expert systems and natural language interfaces to databases. And since GCLISP is a subset of the industry and government supported ANSI Common LISP standard, your applications will be compatible with most Common LISP implementations. You'll be working with the widely-accepted LISP standard--not a minor dialect.

GCLISP is easy to learn.
Designed as a self-contained LISP training program, GCLISP can cost-effectively train teams or individuals to program in LISP--on inexpensive personal computers. The LISP Explorer, an interactive tutorial developed by Patrick H. Winston (Director, MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab), will bring you up to speed in AI programming techniques... quickly and easily!

GCLISP is a powerful programming environment.
GCLISP is more than just a comprehensive LISP training program. Many organizations have developed working AI applications using GCLISP's powerful program development tools. The software offers many features that increase programmer productivity, including a full-screen display editor, on-line Help system, interactive debugging facilities, programming examples, and a lexically scoped interpreter that implements a major subset of the Common LISP standard. GCLISP gives you both the training and the programming power to develop AI programs that meet your needs!

Individual Components

  • Lexically Scoped GCLISP Interpreter: Lexically scoped subset of the Common LISP language.

  • GMACS Editor: Keychord-driven, full-screen display editor, with split screen and multiple buffers, LISP-editing features, and call-out to interpreter.

  • On-line Help system: Display of function argument-list; on-line text descriptions, and name display on search by substring, for all functions/variables/data-types.

  • LISP Explorer: 60-lesson, l,000-frame self-guided basic tutorial in LISP programming, featuring an expert system, natural language interface, a pattern matcher and other examples.

  • Programming examples: Graphics, multi-stream display configuration, use of mouse, co-processing.

  • GCLISP debugger: Stepped evaluation, break function, execution-stack trace and backtrace.

  • Graphics support: Line-draw and polygon-fill primitives, in high or low resolution graphics display mode.

  • Mouse support: Supports display-menu creation and management using Mouse Systems Mouse and Microsoft-compatible MS-MOUSE device driver.

  • File Management: Full compatibility with DOS file system.

  • Co-resident DOS program execution: Programs may be spawned via call-out to DOS command.com or to DOS EXEC; pre-loaded stayresident external routines accessible via software interrupt.

Minimum System Requirements

  • IBM PC, PC XT, PC AT, or 100% IBM PC-compatible computer.

  • 640K bytes recommended (uses DOS conventional memory space)

  • Hard disk with 3.5 megabytes free space

  • Monochrome or color display

  • Microsoft Compatible Mouse (optional functionality, not required to use GCLISP)

  • PC-DOS or MS-DOS, Version 2.0 or higher

Additional Development & Delivery Tools from Gold Hill

GoldWorks III , GCLISP Developer, Golden Connection / SQL, and Gold Hill Runtime.


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